The Anarchy Answer!

Detusche Bank has an idea. So do I. First, theirs: the German based bank wants to implement a tax on folks who are now working from home and not participating in the daily rat race economy. It would go to pay those who can’t work from home and have been harmed by the economic shifts of the coronavirus. Now, my idea: let’s take away Deutsche bank’s license to do business in the USA and send it packing back to the socialist utopia from whence it came and that it clearly desires for us. We’ll open our day there.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll learn from another socialist icon, the mayor of Portland. His city is burning down around him and his focus tells us a lot.

Beto O’Rourke, a budding genius of the left, has an idea what cost them in Texas as the president carried the state. Of course, he’s wrong, but it’s an indication of how the nut jobs of that side see the world. We also have a likely real answer for what happened. While we are in analysis of analysis mode we’ll take a look at a NY Dem who lost his seat in congress and the arrogance that led to his loss.

Justice Samuel Alito has spoken out on what we are doing to ourselves when it comes to rights and THE RONA. He’s onto something.


A Work from home tax?


In a Handbasket:

Anarchy rules your city, Mayor does this



Atlas launch 5:13 tonight, Crew launch 7:49pm tomorrow

Commissioners approve arts/cultural grants

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Beto & the Powerful Memes

It was jobs, Beto

Arrogance doesn’t keep you in office

PA judge rules in Trump favor

Justice Alito, the RONA & the First Amendment

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