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Up To 500K Expected To View Crew Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Big crowds are expected in Brevard County tomorrow. About half-a-million people are expected to get as close as they can to Kennedy Space Center to watch the rocket launch that will carry four astronauts to the International Space Station. A county official tells Florida Today half of the viewers will be from outside Brevard, and A-One-A is expected to be prime real estate for the viewing. The SpaceX launch is set for 7:49 p.m, and weather conditions are 70-percent Go.  ULA’s Atlas V launch for tonight is scheduled at 5:13.Weather conditions are also favorable for this launch.

Hundreds In Jacksonville Participating In COVID Vaccine Trial

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Hundreds of people in Jacksonville are doing their part to find a COVID vaccine. Three hundred people are enrolled in Moderna's vaccine trial at the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research. Moderna expects to get results sometime this month.  One woman in the trial tells Action News Jax she's very proud to be part of an effort that could help us get all of our lives back to normal. 

Three Bomb Threats In Miami

(Miami, FL) -- Three disturbing phone calls are the subject of an investigation in Miami. City police say three bomb threats were called in last night, possibly from pay phones. The threats targeted Miami Dade College's Wolfson campus, the Government Center metro mover station and Bayside Marketplace. Police say the threats were not credible, and no arrests have been announced. 

Customer Attacks Restaurant Staff

(Hollywood, FL) -- A waitress is hurt after a day at work turned into a brawl with a customer in Broward County. Holly Dulgerian [[ dull-jerry-in ]] was working yesterday at a Hollywood restaurant when she refused to serve alcohol to a customer who, she says, appeared to be drunk. She says the male customer attacked the owner, and that's when Dulgerian says she came to her boss' defense and hit the man, but he allegedly turned on her and her coworkers before police arrived to arrest the 48-year-old. The 25-year-old Dulgerian tells 7News she's a little shaken and her eye hurts, but she's a tough girl. 

Tropical Storm Eta Moving Away From Florida After Making Landfall In Cedar Key

(Cedar Key, FL) -- Tropical Storm Eta is moving away from Florida after making landfall in Cedar Key early yesterday. It was the fourth landfall for the storm. Eta was the 28th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Iota is trying to form in Caribbean, which would be the 30th named storm of the season.

Family Finds Otter Swimming In Backyard After Eta Floods Property

(Tampa, FL) -- Tropical Storm Eta is responsible for an unusual sight in Pinellas County. After the storm flooded property in Oldsmar, a homeowner found an otter swimming in his backyard on Wednesday. He tells News Channel 8 he believes the otter got swept into the yard when the tide came over the sea wall. 

Photo Of Neil Armstrong's Moonwalk Up For Sale

(New York, NY) -- The only photo of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon is for sale. The photo is one of a collection of NASA photos up for auction at Christie's. The "Voyage to Another World" collection includes 24-hundred photos from Project Mercury to the final moon landing. The photo of Armstrong was taken by fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin and is expected to sell for 60-thousand-dollars.


2019, the first witnesses were called on for public testimonies in President Trump's impeachment inquiry. 

2015, at least 150 people were killed following a series of terror attacks in Paris.  Terrorists struck in several locations in the City of Light on this day, with at least two reported suicide bombings, shootings at restaurants, another shooting at a shopping mall and a hostage situation at a concert hall. The deadliest scene was at the Bataclan concert hall where more than 100 people were killed when terrorists opened fire and took hostages. All four terrorists inside the concert hall died when they blew up suicide bomb belts as police launched an assault.

1998, President Clinton agreed to pay Paula Jones $850,000 to drop her sexual harassment lawsuit and end the four-year legal battle that triggered the impeachment proceedings against him.

1982, the Vietnam War Memorial was officially dedicated in Washington, D.C.

1927, the Holland Tunnel opened. The world's first underwater vehicular tunnel connected New York and New Jersey.

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