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Tropical Storm Expected To Cause Severe Conditions In Central Florida

(Ocala, FL) -- Tropical Storm Eta is expected to bring heavy downpours and severe weather to Central Florida today. Several areas in Central Florida are under a Tropical Storm Warning. This means the potential for damaging winds and flooding. Residents are advised to take precautions.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands State Of Emergency

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Governor Ron DeSantis is expanding his State of Emergency declaration to include several more counties in the path of Tropical Storm Eta. The governor also requested a federal emergency declaration, which was approved by President Trump last night. Tropical storm and storm-surge warnings, as well as a hurricane watch, are in effect for much of the Florida coast.

Man Electrocuted In Bradenton Beach Home

(Anna Maria Island, FL) -- A man is dead after being electrocuted inside of a Bradenton Beach home when Tropical Storm Eta moved through the area. Authorities say the victim was walking through his flooded home in the 200-block of Bay Drive late yesterday afternoon when the incident happened. The victim's name hasn't been released. A firefighter suffered minor injuries while assessing the situation but is expected to be okay.

Former North Miami Beach Commissioner Sentenced for Taking Bribes

(North Miami Beach, FL) -- Former North Miami Beach Commissioner Frantz Pierre has been sentenced for taking bribes from a strip club owner. Pierre was arrested two years ago and pleaded guilty to the charges. He's sentenced to two years of community control and four years probation. He pleaded guilty to taking 12-thousand-500 dollars in exchange for supporting extended after-hours liquor sales at the nightclub.

French School Bans Parents From Tossing Kids Over Gate

(France) -- A French elementary school is resorting to drastic measures to deal with late-arriving parents. Officials from the Trillade school in Avignon say tardy dads and moms "were literally throwing" their kids over the six-foot outside fence. This resulted in a ban, and the rollout of posters at the school entrance warning parents off the dangerous behavior. One notice reads quote, "I do not throw my children over the gate." Specific instructions for late arrivals have now been put in place.

CA Wildlife Officials Capture Nuisance Bear

(Kings Beach, CA) -- Wildlife officials say they've relocated a bear that became a regular customer at a Northern California gas station. The bear repeatedly showed up inside a Lake Tahoe gas station, occasionally even snacking on candy in the aisles. Surveillance video shows that an employee tried confronting the bear at one point, but it lunged at him, giving him quite the scare. Authorities managed to catch the bear and removed it to a safe area.


2019, Disney+ was launched.

2004, in one of the most closely-watched trials of the year, a California jury found philandering husband Scott Peterson guilty of double murder in the deaths of his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and their unborn child. Laci Peterson disappeared just prior to Christmas in 2002. Her corpse and that of her child washed up on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay four months later. 

1971, President Nixon announced the withdrawal of 45-thousand U.S. troops from Vietnam.

1942, the World War Two naval battle of Guadalcanal began. The Americans went on to win a major victory over the Japanese forces.

1927, Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union.

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