Brevard Issues- catching up!

Weather will be the primary factor in launches scheduled for the Space Coast this weekend. It’s an exciting time in human spaceflight and we’ll have coverage on WMMB should either Friday’s rocket launch or Saturday’s manned crew launch go.

We’ve talked recently about the impact of defunding the police. We’ll take that conversation to Portland where one defunder is more than part of the problem.

The holiday season is upon us and the coronavirus is still around.NY is joining CA in telling folks how they may and may not celebrate. Adding to this is Joe Biden’s virus advisor who wants a 4-6 week lockdown to hold off THE RONA until the vaccine is available.

US Senate control will be key regardless of the outcome of the presidential race. Georgia’s election law could be a problem that allows fraudulent voting. Democrats are already talking taking advantage.

FLORIDA TODAY’s Dave Berman covers Brevard government and since the election we’ve had little time to cover the county. It would appear the County Commission sees CARES ACT funds as FUN MONEY. We’ll let Dave lay that out for us. There are also concerns about the commission and funding the arts. Given time we’ll talk about the elections around the county as well.


Saturday crew launch depends on weather

Portland defunder calls 911 for nothing


In a Handbasket:

Don’t Thanksgiving in NY or CA



Brevard’s CARES ACT fun money

Edwards jail video to be released

WORTH THE READ- Brevard & State meddling by PACs

ALSO WORTH YOUR TIME- The Next Dragon Crew



Biden virus advisor wants 4-6 week lockdown

Alaska goes R, GA races key to Senate control

GA law could present issues of election fraud

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