OK, Your Turn!

When does defunding something cost you more money? When you’re Minneapolis, you defund the cops and then have to pay out the nose to hire other cops to do the job. What happens when you are black and lay claims to high office? Apparently you get a chant.

Our caller Bob is originally from Chicago. He has a particular dislike for WV Senator Joe Manchin. While Bob’s disdain for Manchin is well founded, it appears the senator is the stopped clock that’s right twice a day.

The Democrats are infighting over election losses and the progressives are not happy they get the blame.

As for unity and healing, it seems that only counts for those willing to bow to the left. The rest of us are on a list…and it’s not a good one!

Former Governor and current Senator Rick Scott did not understand election law and managing elections when he was governor. He still doesn’t and his answer to the problems of this election proves it. It also shows he likes big government mandating actions of the state.

Most of all today is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY. Any topic you like. Any time you call.


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