Dissent (that is, waiting for vote certification) Marginalized!

WMMB is a FOX News radio affiliate. These contracts are years in duration and will go beyond this year. It doesn’t mean we are always happy with what we get. While there is a distinction between FOX News Channel and FOX Radio News, the two are affiliated and share marketing and resources. I’ve heard it from you and I’ve seen it myself. The network has changed since Rupert Murdoch left the hands on operation and let the kids play with the toys. We have examples to begin our day.

How long ago did I tell you that electing Joe Biden or anyone else would not make a difference to the anarchists in Portland? IN A HANDBASKET shows that I was right as Portland now wants no president.

As we get back to the race itself, Mitch McConnell is telling the Democrats who could not accept the results of the 2016 elections, to stop the lecturing on accepting the unofficial results of this one. Attorney General William Barr has authorized US Attorneys’ offices around the country to investigate legitimate claims of election fraud.

For his part, Joe Biden is ready to have us all mask up and has first day plans to reverse Trump era policies by executive order.

Political Science Professor Chris Muro is with us at 8am to breakdown the election for us. We’ll take a look at where we stand and where we’re going.


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