You May Now Resume the Panic

I hope you didn’t spend your weekend fretting about the results of the presidential election. I am sure many did, but to what end? Did you get all ginned up over something of which you have zero control? I understand concern; I do not understand worry. We’ll talk that some today and give you time to let off steam that may have built up to pressure cooker proportions as you contemplated the announced victory of Joe Biden.

Technology seems to advance at an amazing pace. No wonder we experience glitches in our workplaces. Did we think elections would be exempt? We have an example.

IN A HANDBASKET it’s high time people stop apologizing for others. You, apologizing for my stance on an issue makes no sense. We’re going back to college with a mischaracterization and a thin, meaningless THIN BLUE LINE apology.

Over the weekend we saw Joe Biden declared the winner of the presidential election. It’s not official and there is a battle being waged. It will take some time before the results are official and the balance of the US Senate is hinging on a runoff election in Georgia. Stories of fraud and speculation are rampant. They serve no purpose other than to keep folks agitated. Carefully crafted photos and stories cause nothing but grief and buying them hands-down serves no one well.

And if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, Alex Trebek died over the weekend. We also lost funny man Norm Crosby. Nobody mangled the English language better.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for 2021…at least I think I am!


When you rely on TECH


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