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TS Warning Issued For Brevard County

(Melbourne, FL) -- Parts of Brevard County are bracing for the effects of Tropical Storm Eta. The National Weather Service has northern and southern Brevard under a Tropical Storm Warning. Winds between 40 and 50 miles an hour have already been reported in the area, and those winds aren't expected to diminish until tonight. Meanwhile, the school district announced last night that all schools and offices are closed today as a precaution.

Astronauts Arrive For Manned Flight To ISS

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- The Space Coast is closer to another manned crew launch. Four astronauts arrived yesterday at Kennedy Space Center for their upcoming flight to the International Space Station. The three Americans and one from Japan will be part of SpaceX's second crewed launch set for Saturday night. The crew includes Victor Glover, who will be the first African-American astronaut to stay on a long duration mission to the space station. 

Body Found In Plastic Container

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A gruesome discovery in a Jacksonville pond is now the subject of an investigation. The JSO says a man found another man's body inside a plastic container yesterday in a retention pond in Windy Hill on Dairy Drive. Investigators believe the victim was shot, perhaps within the last couple days. The victim has not been identified, but the JSO estimates he's between 30 and 40-years old. 

Trump Voter Fraud Hotline Flooded With Prank Calls

(Washington, DC) -- A hotline the Trump campaign set up to take reports of voter fraud is having to contend with a flood of prank calls. Callers have been mocking the campaign or laughing at workers fielding the calls. Videos of people pranking the campaign have even found their way onto TikTok. President Trump's son Eric took to Twitter to blame the Democratic Party for spamming their hotline, saying, "Wonder what they have to hide." 

Brazilian Tattoo Fanatic Gets Tusks

(Brazil) -- A tattoo and body modification fanatic from Brazil just got two new additions. Orc, as he goes by, recently spent nearly 500 dollars to get two giant fake tusks added to his bottom teeth. This is in addition to the 41-year-old's eight under-the-skin piercings, split tongue, tattooed eyes, and a body about 80-percent covered in ink. The man says though others may find it weird, he has found his own personal way to happiness.

Store Clerk Predicts Lottery Win

(Wayne County, MI) --  A Michigan man is taking home a lottery win after a store clerk predicted him winning. The 42-year-old winner told Michigan State Lottery officials when buying the ticket, the store clerk dropped it on the floor. After he picked it up, the clerk said it's going to be a winner. He was right. The man is taking home five and a half million dollars. He says thanks to the money, he will "worry a whole lot less" while taking care of his kids and living comfortably.


2011, the Penn State Board of Trustees announced its firing of legendary football head coach Joe Paterno and Penn State President Graham Spanier in the midst of a child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. 

1989, the Berlin Wall came down after communist East Germany opened its borders to allow its citizens to travel to West Germany. 

1961, the Professional Golfers Association eliminated their "Caucasian only" rule and opened its door to all races.

1927, the giant panda was discovered in China.

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