INSIDER: MICKnuggets 11.02-11.06

11.02.20- In the Balance: the Presidency

The day is finally here.Tuesday is Election Day, although I am pretty sure we shouldn’t call it that anymore.It’s the last day to vote of many days that came before.But Election Day it is and we are that much closer to knowing results that won’t be official for some time. 

And while the media and pollsters would have you believe it’s in the bag for Joe Biden, there are indications that 2020 could be a replay of 2016 where Donald Trump came from behind to take the day. 

Democratic operatives are signaling concerns across the country, the president is showing optimism and some polls are showing a strong lean toward the president. 

We don’t know what nonsense will follow, but there will surely be something. 

We can hope a united America is the eventual result. 

11.03.20- the Tired (and dishonest) Mantra 

For years the Democrats have screamed, “Voter suppression!” at every turn.If nothing else, the apparent record turnout we are seeing in the 2020 presidential election dispels that myth. 

We’ve had 22 days of voting by mail, more if you include overseas and military ballots, followed by nearly two weeks of early voting.That was followed by Election Day which was very busy from the times the polls opened. 

Suppression is not the correct word when it comes to what we have done to elections in this country.The term Third World comes to mind. 

With less advanced equipment we used to vote in one day and have the results, although not certified, overnight.No more.With electronic means of tabulation and voting itself, we drag it out for weeks, all in the name of increasing voter turnout. 

We haven’t suppressed the vote at all and comments to the contrary are simply lies and manipulation. 

11.04.20- And Now We Wait- and Riot! 

Election Day is past us.The election itself isn’t.There are 6 or 7 states that can’t be called in the presidential race just yet.The decision hangs in the balance. 

Those will play out over the coming days and we’ll have a decision soon enough, even if the courts have to get involved over disputed ballots. 

Yet, in some cities across the US there were riots taking place even with no decision being reached.These were people just looking for an excuse. 

They are the worst of us and they make us all look bad.If the cities and states where this is happening don’t properly put down these uprisings, there is no need for their governments to exist. 

We used to do this so much better in America.It’s time cooler heads prevail, law and order returns and we go back to being the best of us instead of the worst. 

We are better than this…or at least we used to be. 

11.05.20- Brevard Voters- Sending a Message? 

Apparently we vote a little differently in municipal elections than we do at other levels.Could it be Brevard voters are sending a message to those officials? 

In county, state and national races we tend to be very divided along party lines.Locally, we do something completely different 

Take Melbourne and Palm Bay as examples.Both cities elected conservative mayors.Those same voters also elected progressive council members. 

Is it a fluke?Does not having party labels confuse voters, or do voters take a closer look at the candidates to see who they are? 

Are voters telling these new officials that we don’t care about your politics and expect you to work together for the good of the place where you live just like we do? 

I’m thinking it’s either that or we have Student Council elections instead of serious ones.

11.06.20- STOP the Panic!

It’s time for the adults to take charge of the conversation.

We’re all guilty.Starting with the mainstream media that has seen fit to “protect the public” from the news of what a sitting president is saying as he vies for reelection, to those of us who are so emotionally wrapped up in the election that we toss out all common sense and jump on the nearest black helicopter to conspiracy theory land. 

Whoa!Slow down!Just stop it! 

There are educated and competent people watching the votes being tabulated and how it’s done.They will challenge where challenges are appropriate. 

Ultimately the decision will come from the court system.Apparently that’s how we do American elections these days. 

But until then, fretting and causing yourself grief is doing zero good. 

Chill, have a good meal and good time with those around you.We’ll know soon enough. 

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