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SpaceX Has Successful Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX can celebrate a successful launch. The company last night sent a Falcon 9 rocket into space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The rocket carried a Space Force GPS satellite. It was SpaceX's 20th launch this year. 

Eta Could Bring Rain To Central Florida

(Miami, FL) -- Central Florida could soon feel the effects of a storm that's threatening lives in Central America. Tropical Depression Eta [[ATE-uh]] is expected to become a tropical storm today as it moves toward the Cayman Islands and Cuba. The storm could reach South Florida late Sunday morning. Channel 9 meteorologist Tom Terry says our area could get rain Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Convicted Rapist Found Living In Clearwater Under Assumed Identity

(Clearwater, FL) -- A Pinellas County man is in custody after his dark past caught up to him. Federal agents this week arrested Clearwater's Douglas Bennett for crimes he was convicted of in 1975 in Connecticut. The 76-year-old raped, kidnapped and robbed a woman, but he was released on bail pending his appeal. Prosecutors believe he spent the last 40 years living under a name that belonged to a five-year-old boy who died in 1945. 

Texas Man Accidentally Shot By His Dog

(Plano, TX) -- A Texas man is recovering from being accidentally shot by his own dog. The Plano Police Department says the unidentified man had a gun in his waistband when he decided to pick up his dog. But, the dog's paw apparently got caught in the trigger and fired the weapon, sending a bullet through the owner's thigh. Investigators say the injury was not life-threatening however, and he was able to drive himself to the hospital. Authorities say gun owners should always use holsters and treat weapons as if they are loaded and ready to fire.

'2020 Scent' Candle Burns Four Different Scents

(London) -- It's hard to sum up this year in just one word, let alone one whiff. That's why the '2020 Scent' candle gives off four aromas. They include banana bread, hand sanitizer, woody musks, and budget aftershave. The novelty company Flaming Crap created the candle to take someone on a "sensual journey" through the year. Two of the scents are intended to be a reminder of the Netflix hit "Tiger King." The first batch of candles has already been sold and orders are being taken now for a second batch.


2018, the youngest person was elected to the US House of Representatives with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at 29.

2001, the series "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland made its debut on Fox.

1947, "Meet the Press" debuted on NBC as a local program in Washington, D.C.

1905, Albert Einstein issued his Theory of Relativity.

1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

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