Media Misconduct

Is it possible even Democrats can learn something from this election cycle? Elected Dems are lamenting their losses in important places and looking for the whys of those losses. It may be dawning on them. We begin our Friday there.

Then, we’ll largely stay media focused.IN A HANDBASKET will look at what far too many people think is actual news- social media. Then we’ll wrap up our discussion on Mitch Albom’s calling out our entire society, not just his fellow members of media.

We’ll take a look at the media feeding us just what they think we should hear as opposed to allowing us to decide for ourselves. Joining Mitch Albom is Tucker Carlson. He sees the power of the media and has a stern warning for America.

We are waiting for the final tally and it may very well be a while. Patience, allowing the systems in play to work through it and letting the courts decide has worked in the past. It will again, but the public is antsy.

We’ll talk through it on today’s show.


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