Brevard: Voter Message in Results?

Are we electing student councils or did Brevard voters send a message in Tuesday’s election? We have elected people from both sides of the aisle to new positions in various cities in the county. Could it be that we actually expect these folks to work together for the good of our communities?

Of all the places we might expect various kinds of breakdowns as the presidential election lingers, America’s colleges could be best equipped to handle the stress. After all, they already had these programs in place. We’ll go there IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

We have long been after the mainstream media to clean up its act and just report the news. We have been unsuccessful in the attempt. But in the wake of this election we have a glimmer of hope. There is one mainstream columnist (interestingly enough he comes from the sports world) who is calling out his own with some insightful commentary. We’ll take a look in our 7am hour.

Florida Today’s Tim Walters covered the election by manning the paper’s election blog. We’ll talk to Tim about how that came together, his upcoming work on Brevard’s history and how sports in the region have been impacted by the coronavirus.


Local race analysis- maybe we expect them to work together?


In a Handbasket:

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