And Now We Wait

It’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY in more ways than one!

Third World Voting is taking its toll on election watchers across the country this morning. I’ll stay election focused on this day after the 2020 Election, but you may take us wherever you like. What are you thinking about all this?

Business owners, are you worried that we passed the $15/hr minimum wage in Florida? No Party Affiliation voters, are you upset you can’t play in the primaries of people who actually choose to belong to a party?

Was any message sent to South Brevard politicians when their races with extremely liberal candidates were the closest in the county?

I have to admit, the presidential election seems closer than I believed it would be, at least for now. How are you feeling as it moves into day two of counting?

The Space Coast’s Town Hall Meeting convenes this morning, as it does every morning, on BML.


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