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Orange County Activating Emergency Operations For Election Day

(Orange County, FL) -- Orange County is activating its emergency operations center for Election Day. This is normally activated for hurricanes, but authorities say this is being done in preparation of any civil unrest. This is the first time Orange County has activated its emergency operations center for a presidential election. County officials say the center will remain open as long as needed.

Seminole County May Play Significant Role In Election

(Seminole County, FL) -- Seminole County voters could play a significant role in deciding Florida for the Presidential Election. The county has historically voted red. However, election experts say voters for this election cycle are considered purple. Right now, voter turnout for registered Democrats and registered Republicans is neck and neck. The majority of voters who will cast ballots today are registered with no party affiliation, according to election officials.

Focus Of Florida On Pinellas County For Election

(Pinellas County, FL) -- Much of the focus of the battleground state of Florida will be on Pinellas County. That's because there's only about a four-thousand-person difference between registered Democrats and registered Republicans in the county along with a large percentage of independents, according to election experts. Voters in the county have varied over the ultimate choice for president during the last several election cycles. In 2016, Pinellas went red for President Donald Trump, blue for Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008, and red for George W. Bush in 2004, all with narrow margins.

DOJ To Monitor Duval County Voting Sites

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division will be monitoring polling sites in Duval County today. It's one of six jurisdictions in Florida, and 44 nationwide, that will be under the microscope. Monitors will observe what happens at voting locations, take public complaints and document their findings. It's not clear why Duval County was selected for monitoring.

Horse Rescued From Florida Septic Tank

(Belleview, FL) -- A horse is recovering after getting trapped in a septic tank in Florida. Marion County Fire Rescue crews were called out to a Belleview property on reports of a horse named Buddy Bear falling into an open septic tank and not being able to climb out. They used a harness made out of a fire hose to lift the 40-year-old animal out onto solid ground. A veterinarian then determined that the horse was not seriously injured. There is no word on why the tank was open in the first place. 

Spanish Man Accused Of Dumping Friend's Head In Recycling Bin

(Spain) -- Spanish Police are investigating what passersby originally thought was a crude Halloween prank. Police in the city of Huelva say a man was seen carrying around a head, showing it off to children, and then dumping it in a recycling bin. However, when authorities responded to a nearby apartment, they found the headless remains of the man's 50-year-old friend. There is no word on identities or a possible motive.  


1998, running on a Minnesota Reform Party ticket, former pro wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey III and Republican Norm Coleman to become Minnesota's new governor. 

1992, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton won the presidential election, defeating President George Bush.  

1975, ABC's "Good Morning America" debuted with hosts David Hartman and Nancy Dussault.

1964, President Lyndon Johnson defeated Republican challenger Barry Goldwater to return to the White House as president. 

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