Election Day…what now?

We’ll begin Election Day optimistically for supporters of President Trump. A known, reliable predictor of elections has said that the president wins reelection.IN A HANDBASKET we’ll get what we hope is a final glimpse of the Silly Season in Florida. But, when lawyers are involved, our hopes may be dashed. Silly Season could keep going and going.

Linked up for you here on the Election Day show page are election related stories staring with what to know if you’re headed to the polls today. Then, just what can Florida tell us about the election overall? While over 60% of Brevard voters have already cast ballots, those turning out today could have a major impact.

And what has this election season told you? What are your thoughts and feelings as we move into result mode? Optimistic? Pessimistic? Worried about riots? Will it be decided definitively tonight? Will it go to the courts? What will it take to stop that, or can it be stopped?

And while the Democrats LOVE to scream, “Voter suppression!” the turnout for this one certainly dispels that one!

It’s Election Day! What’s on your mind about that?


Trump wins, Trump wins, Trump wins!


In a Handbasket:

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Watching Brevard…what do you believe about the day?

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The Tired Mantra of Voter Suppression

Riots after the election?

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Where the election could be decided

Maher- let there be peace on Earth…after Election Day

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