INSIDER COLUMN- MICKnuggets 10/26-30

10.26.20- Facebook- the arbiter of civil elections

The world has come to this- Facebook decides what elections related commentary is good and civil. It then decides what of it you will be able to see. 

Look, Facebook is a private entity and is within its rights to do as it will with its network. It’s we who have given it the power to control what we see, and for many, what they think because of that. 

It’s up to us to know and understand the issues from various sources in determining our vote.

FB squelched the Hunter Biden laptop story from the NY Post because FB didn’t like the narrative. They’ve done that to many conservative viewpoints as well. 

With their vast reach, Facebook has the potential to control much of the election narrative and perception. 

I hope America is smart enough to know better. 

10.27.20- Elections Have Consequences 

Elections have consequences. Maybe no consequence is as powerful as the one we saw Monday night as Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Without Donald Trump as president and a Republican controlled Senate this would have never happened. It’s what winning elections does for a political (and judicial) philosophy. 

We had no idea how Donald Trump would govern. We’d seen Hillary Clinton in action and we’ve had more than enough evidence of Joe Biden’s record and designs. 

We’re making the decision again. There are likely more court nominations to be made. This is reason enough to maintain the status quo. 

Elections have consequences. Consider that strongly as you contemplate your vote in this election. 

The future of the United States actually depends on it. 

10.28.20- No Do-Overs! 

Buyer’s remorse is a thing. Voter’s remorse is just too bad, at least here in Florida. 

“Can I take back my vote?” was trending on Google this week. Early Voting has its drawbacks, it seems. Some who voted by mail or early wonder if they can now change their votes. In seven states they can, in one form or another. 

Florida is NOT one of those states. Once you mail your ballot, drop it in the box at elections offices or early voting locations, that ballot is deemed cast. You have voted, period. 

It’s a drawback to the system we have allowed and encouraged to come into play. 

For me, let’s do one day (like they did before the technology made it easier) and make it a holiday so it has the importance it should. We don’t need fast food, drive through voting.

We need fast elections and intelligent voters. Single day voting would be a step to getting there. 

10.29.20- The Legislature Must Act 

Governor Ron DeSantis tried to vote Monday. Yes, tried. Oh, he eventually succeeded, but it took a while. 

You see, with information required to be available by Florida’s Sunshine Law, a man was able to access the governor’s voter registration information and change the governor’s address to out of the county where DeSantis was previously registered to vote. 

Now, the governor was able to correct this fairly quickly and the perp has been arrested for the tampering, but it should not have happened. 

Elections Supervisors for years have been lobbying the Legislature to protect voters’ personal information from Sunshine Law requirements. The Legislature has failed time and time again to do this. 

Maybe the governor’s example will wake up those folks how go to Tallahassee to serve us, but do more serving of themselves! 

10.30.20- The Silliest Season

We have entered the Silliest Season. It’s that period between now and Election Day where anything and everything goes when it comes to campaigning. 

Mailers, TV & radio ads, even text messages and emails will inundate voters this weekend as candidates vie for the remaining votes to be had. 

Some of those ads may even be truthful. But, don’t count on it.

In addition to the negativity campaign season has become, the last weekend is traditionally when the nastiest of nasty ads come out. Opponents have limited time to react to such tactics and a gullible electorate swallows them whole, it seems. 

Fortunately over half of Brevard’s eligible voters have already voted. That still won’t keep most of us from being subjected to the Silly Season. 

Thankfully, Tuesday is around the corner! 

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