Decision 2020: The Final Countdown

We’ll talk to Brevard Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott in our 8am hour. She’s had to close one office that is also an Early Voting site due to the coronavirus. The wind down to this election is just ahead as we have two days of Early Voting and then Election Day next Tuesday. More than 55% OF Brevard’s eligible voters have already cast a ballot.

Philadelphia is burning and the excuse is the police shooting of a black man who had charged officers with a knife. We’ll open our Friday with my question to the family who is saying the officers and the city failed.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to Lynchburg, VA where Jerry Falwell, Jr. is further disgracing himself and needs to just sit down and shut up!

With the final push for votes being on, you’ll be seeing and hearing those last minute, desperate pleas for the remaining votes. Some of them may even actually be truthful.

An appellate court has turned back a Florida Democratic Party attempt to again have the courts set voting law in the state. The order of candidates on the Florida ballot will continue to have the governor’s party candidates in the first position. By the way, the idea started when a Democratic governor was in power.

On the presidential election front: if Americans vote the economy, the president should win. But what if the Electoral College is a tie? The process has precedent and it could get VERY interesting.


Cries for de-escalation vs shooting assailant- HOW?


In a Handbasket:

Sit Down and Shut Up!

Falwell, Jr. sues Liberty- school damaged his reputation?



CA has orders for your Thanksgiving gathering

Columbia professor says Old Glory is a symbol of genocide

Maybe this Ivy League school is standing up for Jesus

Principal fired for common sense on what lives matter



Last minute (if not truthful) campaign tactics ahead

Appeals court says no to Dem operatives on ballot order




If we vote the economy the president should win

What if the Electoral College is a tie?

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