Can We Still Govern Ourselves?

We’re seeing a “reaction resurgence” when it comes to the coronavirus. The election is upon us and the holiday season is right behind. We’ll begin our day with a Covid Little Christmas.

Procter and Gamble is following Gillette in alienating its customer base by making unrealistic declarations in the name of Political Correctness and Virtue Signaling. Corporate Craziness is …IN A HANDBASKET.

Brevard Public Schools will extend its mask mandate for students and some parents aren’t happy. They’ve also given the Superintendent power to continue this at will. And there’s an undercurrent of how opposition is characterized as anti-maskers. Suddenly thinking for yourself has you being shamed for not following the “guidelines” that just may not be having the impact people want to believe they have. Even the CDC’s studies seem to indicate that masks just don’t help.

Florida Today’s John Torres joins us in our final hour as we take a look at the ongoing election, Governor DeSantis having trouble voting because of his record being changed and Brevard Democratic pipe dreams for some local races.


Have Yourself a Covid Little Christmas


In a Handbasket:

Men get periods, too!



Philadelphia burning

Philly cops ordered to stand down

Maybe this Ivy League school is standing up for Jesus

Principal fired for common sense on what lives matter



BPS extends mask mandate- unhappy people speak out

Does CDC say they don’t work???

DeSantis voter record hacked with PUBLIC INFORMATION

Brevard Dems and pipe dreams




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