Do We Deserve to Govern Ourselves?

Maybe we need a King and an army of guards and enforcers to get us under control. America’s streets are burning, its people are fighting over anything and we refuse to hold fast to the things that made this nation special. Yes, Snowflakes, I just referred to American Exceptionalism. Don’t have a meltdown. It’s not saying other countries and cultures don’t have their great points, but some things-like our system of self governance, are uniquely American.

It’s kind of like saying, yes, black lives matter, but so do others. A BLM activist will have none of that. In fact, we have one story today where a principal was fired- lost…her…job- over just that sentiment.

But is it just possible that the left (and one of its most rabid) are waking up to WOKE culture? As that social construct pendulum swings, the left may be realizing that the swing back is going to hurt.

In election news there are guards at the Early Voting Drop Boxes through the election. Why? Because we can’t govern our own behavior, much less ourselves as we noted to begin the discussion. People are also asking if they can change their votes after they have voted early. You know what’s strange? Some of them CAN!

Outside of the election, I am largely social issues focused today. But it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, the one day a week you can choose anything you want to discuss and bring it to the table. We’re happy to discuss your topic when you call the show at 321.768.1240.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us to begin our 8am hour with an Election Update.


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