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Target Date Announced For Crewed Space Mission

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- We're just a little more than two weeks away from a historic space mission. NASA announced yesterday its first Commercial Crew mission to the International Space Station will take place November 14th at 7:49 p.m. The Resilience will take off from Cape Canaveral and carry four astronauts to the ISS for a 210-day mission. This launch will be the first for an international team on a commercial spacecraft from U.S. soil.

Early Voting Surpasses 6-Million In Florida

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Early voting numbers continue to swell in Florida. State elections officials say six-million Floridians have voted by mail and in person, which is more than 40-percent of the state's registered voters. Florida Republicans lead in-person voting, while Democrats hold the edge in mail votes. Miami-Dade County is leading the state in both categories. Overall, more Democrats have voted than Republicans.

Polk County Man Steals Front-End Loader And Tears Up Biden Campaign Signs

(Haines City, FL) -- A Polk County man could go to prison for what appears to be a drunken joyride on stolen construction equipment targeting Joe Biden supporters. Haines City's Adam Blight allegedly stole a front-end loader from a construction site Saturday, drove it to North Third Street in the Oakland neighborhood, stole some Biden campaign signs, damaged a fence and a speed limit sign. Police say the 26-year-old told them he had been drinking heavily and doesn't remember much of the incident. Blight is facing three felony charges, and he could get 15 years in prison.

Two Arrested for Setting Tampa Police Patrol Car on Fire

(Tampa, FL) -- Tampa Police have arrested two men, including a convicted arsonist, who allegedly set fire to one of their patrol cars parked at a South Tampa synagogue. An officer spotted 31-year-old Matthew Ethridge and 34-year-old David Penney riding their bicycles without headlights along Bay to Bay Boulevard early Monday morning.  After making contact with the men, the officer smelled a fire burning nearby. Officers found the patrol car with the front window smashed out and the passenger seat completely engulfed in flames. According to police, Ethridge is currently on probation for arson and possession of a fake bomb.

Strange Lights Spotted Over Hawaii

(Honolulu, HI) -- A strange collection of lights were spotted making their way over Hawaii on Saturday night, and no one can confirm exactly what they were. Some describe it as a transparent, airplane-shaped figure that was the size of a football field. It was also dead silent, which adds to the confusion. SpaceX Starlink satellites have been spotted over the islands twice in the past year, but those were in a straight line, and these were scattered. Though SpaceX did launch 60 satellites on Saturday night, the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy thinks it was more likely debris from a rocket's reentry into earth's atmosphere. 

Tennessee Thief Caught After Leaving Severed Finger Behind

(Anderson County, TN) -- Tennessee Police were able to catch a suspected thief after finding his severed finger at the crime scene. The Anderson County Sheriff's office says 50-year-old Hugh Seeber tried to steal a log splitter but left behind his finger, cell phone and other tools after pinching the machine. Investigators looked at local hospitals and found Seeber had been admitted for a missing finger. He was questioned, and the digit was fingerprinted, leading to his arrest. Doctors have attempted to reattach the finger. Seeber is now facing a charge of felony theft of property.


1966, The Monkees received a gold record for their hit "Last Train to Clarksville."

1954, Walt Disney's first television anthology program, "Disneyland," premiered on ABC. The show was later renamed "The Wonderful World of Disney."

1904, the New York City subway opened for business. It was the first rapid transit subway system in the United States.

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