A Better Debate- moderator praised

NBC’s final debate moderator is getting praise for how she managed this final faceoff between the president and his opponent. Indeed, the format allowed for a smoother, less jumbled discussion, but was that not a function of the rules agreed upon by the campaigns? And while the flow was better it did seem to me that Kristen Welker interjected herself into the discussion, appearing to play defense for Joe Biden, leading me to turn it off about 40 minutes in. We’ll talk it in our 7am hour.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us to open the 8am hour as we get an election update heading into the first weekend of early voting.

In Brevard those dueling texts in the Florida House D-53 campaign may be illegal. They may not be. But, legal or not, nobody will be charged and the public will make the call at the polling place. No matter, the tactics are unseemly and unethical and tells us a lot about the incumbent. There is no direct tie shown between the opponent and the counter-text. This is shows what one office holder and someone supporting the opponent, if not the opponent himself, think of you and the process.

We’ll begin the day with a look at a project in Wisconsin that is all too typical of Economic Development as it’s come to play out.IN A HANDBASKET we’ll look at a strange ruling from the courts regarding inmates and stimulus checks.

Welcome to Friday!


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