Educating on Criminal Justice…Florida Today needs it!

There are some cities across the country where anarchy is the rule, and apparently the desire. There are signs those folks are regretting the decision. We open our conversation with Seattle.

IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42 we take yet another look at higher education and the supposed cream of that crop. The Ivy League has a reputation in education. It’s earning a new one. Why would parents pay for this kind of environment for their kids?

In our second hour we’ll commence an education for Florida Today’s Editorial Board that just doesn’t seem to understand how our criminal justice system is supposed to work. Fortunately for them, I have vast experience in such things and won’t charge them an Ivy League tuition for the class this morning.

In our 8am hour we’ll have Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us as Early Voting begins across Brevard. As we close the day Congressman Bill Posey’s opponent Jim Kennedy will join us for our last candidate interview of the election season.

Then, at noon, this week’s INSIDER COLUMN will drop at with how I have voted in this 2020 Election.


You asked for it, you got it, Seattle!

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In a Handbasket:

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Florida Today Editorial Board Needs an Education

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