Dueling Town Halls Better Than Debate

I didn’t want to, but I watched the one hour Town Hall with President Trump on NBC last night. I’m glad I did. I also switched to the Biden Town Hall on ABC during the NBC commercial. There was a distinct difference. This is a much better format than the debates. It was more informative and each candidate was better revealed than the debate format would allow. What was your perception?

We’ll begin our day, though, with the strange impact of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll look at social media, censorship and a changing attitude.

Our final County Commission candidate interviews are scheduled for today. In District 5 Commissioner Kristine Isnardi is being challenged by Palm Bay Mayor William Capote. We’ve reserved the 7:40 and 8:40 segments for these candidates. Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will be with us to begin hour one as we get our final election update before Early Voting begins on Monday.

Monday will conclude our candidate interviews as Bill Posey’s opponent, Jim Kennedy, will be with us at 8:40.That will conclude our candidate interviews for the General Election and my INSIDER COLUMN with my votes is scheduled to come out later that day on Billmick.com and in our INSIDER email.


Offend Senate Dems, get the dictionary changed!


In a Handbasket:

Facebook/Twitter playing politics- like THAT’S new!

Twitter changes its mind

How censorship happens…and it is



President: time to reform how we teach history






Biden reverses, Trump stands strong

Inmates and Stimulus Checks- this is NUTS

The Trump agenda for his 2nd term

President authorizes unredacted release of “Russia Hoax” docs

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