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Teens Arrested For Brevard County Murder

(Rockledge, FL) -- Two teenagers are charged with killing another teen in Brevard County. Yesterday deputies arrested Cocoa 19-year-old Martaz Sugar and Rockledge 16-year-old Luis Ramos-Figueroa. They're accused of shooting to death 19-year-old Daniel Ramos during a robbery in Rockledge on the Fourth of July. Both suspects are facing charges that include first-degree murder.

Teacher Disciplined For Race Comments

(Kissimmee, FL) -- A teacher in Osceola County is facing possible discipline for her comments to students about race. While teaching online this week, Poinciana High School's Tracey Brown told her students she has the right to dislike Blacks because she was attacked on a train once by a gang, in her words, speaking the language of Blacks. In another video, she criticized Black Lives Matter for implying that Black lives matter more than anyone else. The district has since moved her to a position outside the classroom as HR investigates.

USF Political Analyst Discusses Campaign Text Messages

(Tampa, FL) -- Your cell phone may hold evidence of how political campaigns have changed during the pandemic. Chances are, you have received more than one political message among your texts. USF political analyst Joshua Scacco says this kind of outreach occurs because the pandemic has made it hard to contact voters in person. He also recently told 10 Tampa Bay while it may be annoying to the recipients, reaching so many voters in a short period of time is one of the most beneficial things for a campaign, so it's unlikely to stop.

Florida 29th Most Politically-Engaged States

(Undated) -- Florida is near the middle of the pack on a new list of most politically-engaged states. A study by WalletHub ranked the Sunshine State 29th among the 50 states. The personal finance website looked at eleven metrics, including the percentage of registered voters in the 2016 presidential election, the percentage of the electorate that voted in the 2018 mid-terms, civic education engagement and state preparedness for voting in a pandemic. Maine scored highest, while Hawaii was deemed least politically-engaged.

British Man Charged After Passing Gas In Uber

(England) -- A British man is facing an assault charge after passing gas inside of an Uber. Prosecutors say 35-year-old James Mallett was on the way to a nightclub with three others when he let one go in the vehicle. Driver Aleksander Bonchev told the man to get out, but Mallett reportedly responded by hitting him in the head. Bonchev knocked the man to the ground before he got up and left. Police say officers later encountered an intoxicated Mallett who was abusive toward police. He is expected to pay a fine and serve 120 hours of community service.


2019, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Harvey Weinstein after numerous women accused him of sex crimes.

1998, Eric Robert Rudolph was charged with the bombing of the 1996 summer Olympics.  

1968, Apollo Seven became the first manned space mission to broadcast live television signals from space.

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