WOW: Cops, Kids, Teachers, Politicians & a Smart Judge

J. D. Gallop has provided some insight to the life of cops in today’s Brevard in a column detailing what these men and women experience daily. It’s worth your time and understanding. We’ll open our discussion with a police chief who’s been fired, but not for reasons you may think. It had nothing to do with his actions or those of the officers in his command.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll look at two education stories showing schools going far beyond where they should be going with authority they do not have.

There’s a follow-up to the D-53 nasty campaign trick by the Fine camp and Brevard Schools are not happy. The amendment to change the Florida Primary Election System is the target of a lawsuit to remove the idea from voter consideration.

Joe Biden has a great idea- don’t vote for him! And he’s giving that advice. I plan to take it.

It appears from a couple of days of hearings that President Trump could not have made a better pick for the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett is one smart cookie who is giving the Senate more than they are handing out and she’s doing it with dignity and class.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will be with us as we begin our 8am hour with an election update.

And…it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY. You drive today’s discussions with topics you want to discuss. We’ll tackle what’s on your mind when you call the show at 321.768.1240.


Police Chief fired- over Wife’s social media


In a Handbasket:

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Snowflake teacher extends authority into student home



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How censorship happens…and it is

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You be the cop…what it’s like

Judge Mark Walker gives one to the good guys




Biden’s great idea- Don’t Vote For Me!

Barrett is one smart cookie

Dems only believe THEIR science

Biden: voters don’t deserve to know what he’ll do if elected

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The Trump agenda for his 2nd term

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Why Trump looks strong for November

Omar, others accused in voter fraud scheme

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