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Police Meet With NAACP To Discuss Voting Safety

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- Daytona Beach's police chief is addressing concerns of voter intimidation. The president of the East Volusia NAACP met this week with Police Chief Craig Capri and Sheriff Mike Chitwood to discuss ensuring the safety of voters. Chitwood and Capri say officers will be located near polling places to respond quickly if the need arises. Capri tells Channel 9 he doesn't anticipate any problems, and voting will be very safe. 

Record Amount Of Mail-In Ballots Continue To Be Returned

(Duval County, FL) -- A record amount of mail-in ballots continue to be returned across Florida with nearly one-point-eight million voters already casting their ballots. Overall, three-point-eight million ballots have been mailed out to those who have requested them with the deadline to request a mail-in ballot coming up on October 24th. Ballots may also be dropped off at early voting sites that will begin opening next week.

Elections Officials Warn Of Long Vote Count

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida may once again keep American waiting on Election Night. Two Florida Supervisor of Elections officials said yesterday they don't expect to have all the votes counted November 3rd because of all the mail-in ballots. They say the numbers the state reports November 3rd won't be the final official count, and the official totals may not be known until the following Saturday, four days later. One election official understands that will be frustrating to voters, but he says they have to make sure everything is 100 percent accurate. 

Lawmakers, Airport Workers Rally In Support Of Minimum Wage Amendment

(Orlando, FL) -- Central Florida lawmakers joined workers at Orlando International Airport in a rally in support of Amendment 2 that would raise Florida's minimum wage to 15-dollars an hour. State Representatives Anna Eskamani, Carlos Smith and Senate candidate Pat Sigman were on hand for the event Tuesday as voters will decide if more than 200-thousand hourly workers would get a pay increase in November. The minimum wage would increase from its current rate of eight-dollars and 56-cents an hour to ten-dollars an hour in 2021 if Amendment 2 passes. Workers would then receive a one-dollar an hour increase through 2026 to hit the new rate.

Florida Looms Large In Retiree Survey

(Undated) -- On the Gulf Coast, Sarasota is being called the best place in the country for retirees. U.S. News & World Report analyzed data from the 150 largest metro areas to determine how well they met both retirement needs and expectations. Criteria included the happiness of local residents, housing affordability, taxes and health care quality. Sarasota came in first place in the U.S., followed by Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie and Naples. In fact, 13 Florida cities are in the top 25 for best places for retirees.

Del Monte Selling Pink Pineapples Online

(Walnut Creek, CA) -- Pink pineapples are about to start popping up in kitchens. Del Monte is finally selling the fruit, four years after getting FDA approval. The company says they take about two years to grow and then they're handpicked on a select farm in Costa Rica. They're said to be juicier and sweeter, but that comes with a price. Each Pinkglow Pineapple will cost 49-bucks and is only sold online. 


1947- American Air Force test pilot, Chuck Yeager, flew the Bell X-1, an experimental aircraft at Mach 1.07 at an altitude of 45,000 ft. In doing so, he became the first person to break the sound barrier.

1926-Winnie-the-Poohfirst appeared in a collection of short stories called Winnie-the-Pooh.

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