West Melbourne Trying to Become Palm Bay?

The Facebook LIVE video of yesterday’s show, thanks to sharing by Sheriff candidate Alton Edmond, drew folks who have never joined us before. Their comments, for the most part weren’t very happy. Their perception of fairness, how I should do my job and understanding of what we do here was obviously off. For his part, and something we did not get to address in the limited time interview, Alton Edmond is touting his endorsement by Bernie Sanders. I wonder if those same supporters believe that plays well in Brevard County.

IN A HANDBASKET deals with an issue we see a lot- emotion and feelings over facts and freedom. It’ll be a focus of our Thursday INSIDER column, and this is another log on the fire.

Palm Bay has top honors as the county’s political dumpster fire, but West Melbourne and a couple of Melbourne city races are trying to get in on the flame.

Yesterday the confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett got underway. The opening grandstanding was what one might expect with Republican senators schooling their colleagues from the left on civics and the process. Chuck Schumer has responded by saying they will deny the Senate a quorum that would allow for the vote to go on. It’s time for Mitch McConnell to counter that idea.

The president had his first rally following his COVID diagnosis in Sanford last night. It was well attended and enthusiastic as you might expect. Joe Biden, on the other hand, had a rally where he found out what it’s like to throw a party had have nobody show up.

If you’re a Florida House D-53 voter you may have received a communication that appeared to come from Brevard Public Schools making claims about Democratic candidate Phil Moore. It wasn’t from the schools; the D-53 representative has claimed responsibility with a feeble claim about why it wasn’t identified as being from his campaign. It’s more of what we’ve learned to expect from the Randy Fine camp and another example of his deception and dishonesty. It’s another reason a vote for Phil Moore won’t hurt Brevard. An ineffective Democrat will serve us better in that seat than a Republican who acts against conservative interests. Integrity has been absent from this seat for a couple of terms and Phil Moore may not be the answer we want, but it would be a start.

Today’s candidate interviews are in County Commission D-1.Challenger Dwight Seigler is invited to our 7:40 segment while incumbent Commissioner Rita Pritchett will be with us at 8:40.


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