Passion-it’s everywhere we turn. It leads to tension and it bleeds over into politics. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate; it shows commitment and enthusiasm. But in today’s America passion has turned to tension on far too many fronts. When they then impact our actions politically we make bad decisions and we lose our way.

Passion must be tempered with reason. Logical contemplation leads to considered, rational decisions. We need that in our country now as much as ever. From far too many people we are not getting it. Instead of considering long-term consequences of our actions or decisions we settle for momentary satisfaction without concern for the future.

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. It’s bound to happen. But when those people have no foundation for their view other than an emotional response to a situation, I can’t lend credibility to their point of view.There are many things that cause concern in our world. We aren’t all going to see things the same way.

When it comes to political decisions would a calm, rational evaluation considering the options and potential outcomes not serve us better than some kneejerk reaction based on the shock and alarm of the moment? Is a response not better than a reaction?

Let’s do each other a favor. As we head to the polls in this election let’s take the time and be passionate wisely. Contemplate the candidates and the issues and how our votes will impact us all. Maybe we end up with far better results than those that have landed us where we are today.

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