The onset of the weekend brought us LOTS of news. The TRUMP RADIO RALLY on the Rush Limbaugh Show Friday at noon was unprecedented. It also broke some news: Hillary’s deleted emails have been recovered and they’ll be out before the election. We also see that we believe we are better off under a Trump administration than any president in recent history vying for a second term. President Trump will be in Sanford this evening in his first rally since his COVID experience. It’s funny how the left believes the science as long as it doesn’t recommend letting the president campaign.

The second presidential debate that was scheduled for this week in Miami has been cancelled. I hope they scrap the last one, too. Nancy Pelosi has announced legislation to create a congressional commission to handle 25th Amendment issues with the presidency. The question is: which presidency?

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing begins today. She’s released her opening statement and the left has pounced. Should she be confirmed (a near certainty) candidate Joe Biden says voters don’t deserve to know if the Democrats will then pack the Supreme Court.

Activists in some state governments are doing their best to unseat the president. Our example is IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42.

We’ll talk to candidates for Brevard County Sheriff today. Our 7:40 segment is with Democrat Alton Edmond. Sheriff Wane Ivey is with us at 8:40.Edmond announced an endorsement on Friday. He has the unwavering support of Vermont Senator and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. In Brevard terms we’ll call that the political Kiss of Death!

Between the candidates we’ll have Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us as mail balloting is already underway and Early Voting is nearing go-time. Passion and misinformation flow this election season and we’ll check with Lori about common misconceptions here office is dealing with as the election continues.

Oh! Hold onto your hats because you won’t believe this! US District Chief Judge Mark Walker in Tallahassee did not move to extend the voter registration deadline in the state in what may be the first time he hasn’t rewritten Florida election law from the bench when he had the opportunity. Apparently the state had him in a corner that he couldn’t wiggle out of.

Didn’t I tell you the weekend was busy?


To paraphrase Reagan- are you better off now?


In a Handbasket:

CA government lies to remove TRUMP sign



Portland riots continue

FL Christian college disinvites speaker over BLM, marriage stances

How censorship happens…and it is

President: time to reform how we teach history



Sheriff candidate gets Kiss of Death for campaign

Teacher Unions lose in appeal of state reopen order

Judge Mark Walker gives one to the good guys

BPS/BFT reach pay agreement- big boost for new teachers

SpaceX Crew-1 delayed



Rush/Trump Rally moves Clinton emails along

2nd presidential debate cancelled (GOOD!)

Dems only believe THEIR science

Biden: voters don’t deserve to know what he’ll do if elected

Nominee’s confirmation hearing starts today- the flak flies

Pelosi makes the move- 25th Amendment checkers

President authorizes unredacted release of “Russia Hoax” docs

Win for the law in WI mail ballot case

Why Trump looks strong for November

Omar, others accused in voter fraud scheme

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