If I had to pick one week on the Space Coast that would show someone who’s been in a cave since January or so the kind of year 2020 has been it would be last week. Imagine, you’re out of the loop for most of the year and walk out of hibernation to see this:

Half of the people you see are walking around in masks.

The president and former vice president facing off in a debate that was anything but a discussion on the issues.

Disney laying off tens of thousands of employees.

Other companies following suit and laying off employees who had been furloughed for the past six months or more.

The president, first lady and White House staffers coming down with the coronavirus. That news resulted in questions about future debates, the campaign and even the Senate’s confirmation of the latest Supreme Court nominee.

Many from the left and on social media celebrating that diagnosis and publicly fantasizing about the passing of the president. Some were in the most vile ways imaginable.

Multiple scrubbed launch attempts from the America’s gateway to space.

The president being taken to Walter Reed Army Medical Center as a precaution for the coronavirus he now has.

And then locally, the City of Palm Bay going fully-engulfed dumpster fire with late Friday news of a former deputy city manager pleading guilty to a felony, a developer arrested in apparent connection to attempting to further corrupt city operations and news reports that a city councilman caught up in it all was wired up (like any good junkie does when he’s caught in his own mess) and ratting out anyone who would still talk with him.

Yep, that’s 2020 in a nutshell.

Maybe it’s time to go back into hibernation. After all 2021 is right around the corner and missing the remainder of 2020 may be a good plan.

That is unless 2021 is saying, “Hold my beer...”

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