Palm Bay- more fuel to the fire & the VP debate

It looks like America, or big parts of it anyway, have had about enough of this mask business and we are ready for life as normal.IN A HANDBASKET we explore what happened when officials are so busy correcting the flaws of their underlings that they can’t see the reality around them.

So far there is no quelling the dumpster fire of Palm Bay politics and corruption. While a TDC member caught up in the power game is resigning, a couple of candidates have taken donations from the now arrested developer. They say they won’t return the money.

The Vice Presidential debate last night was a far cry better than the first presidential debate. The candidates were less disruptive and the moderator had tamer animals to manage. They still got their shots in and nothing they said will change anybody’s mind.

Here we go again. Federal Judge Mark Walker in Tallahassee is fast tracking a lawsuit to extend Florida voter registration. I don’t trust this guy. He has exhibited a liking for writing Florida election law from the bench.

Florida House District 51 candidates have been invited to this morning’s show. Florida Today’s Tim Walters is with us in our third hour


We’ve had about enough of the mask business


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