Palm Bay "Dumpster Fire Politics" Ignited

We’ll never get to it all, but man alive, we had a busy news weekend and I am writing this Friday evening! The news cycle was crazy as last week came to an end. The president went to the hospital with the coronavirus. The impact on future debates, campaigning and the electorate is up in the air. Then the City of Palm Bay, dumpster fire that it is, exploded with the guilty plea of former Assistant City Manager Dave Isnardi and an arrest of a developer that appears to be related to corruption in the city.

To top that off we begin our candidate interviews for the 2020 Election in our 8am hour with Congressman Bill Posey.

Like I said, we’ll never get to everything we would like to this morning, but the week is young and the conversation happens every morning at 6am on BML. We’ll get to what we can, leave the rest on the table and get your thoughts on it along the way in our week-long morning conversation for the Space Coast.

We’ll begin the day with our trust in media, or the lack thereof.IN A HANDBASKET has us looking at American history and the skewed way the education establishment wants to look at it. And we’ll see where the rest of our day goes as we chat together about these issues that impact our lives.


Whom do you trust?


In a Handbasket:

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Isnardi enters guilty plea

Palm Bay developer arrested in city political quagmire

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BPS loses student, trespasses concerned mom

Former judge says I am dead wrong- maybe we should duke it out?



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Whitmer whines after MI Supremes strike her lockdown

Next moderator has Biden ties

Why Trump looks strong for November

Omar, others accused in voter fraud scheme

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