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SpaceX Launch Planned For This Morning

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX is hoping to snap a bad streak today. The company has a rocket launch set for around 7:40 Eastern Time this morning from Kennedy Space Center. The launch will carry more Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit to spread broadband internet around the world. Both SpaceX and United Launch Alliance have had a series of scrubbed launches in the last week.

Trump Given Experimental Treatment Being Tested At UM

(Miami, FL) -- The president's coronavirus fight may be of special interest to doctors at the University of Miami. President Trump's doctor said last week part of Trump's treatment involves Regeneron's antibody cocktail UM is using in clinical trials. Lead researcher Gary Kleiner says the cocktail is used to prevent COVID's spread, and data gathered from the trial is quite strong. Kleiner tells CBS4 News if the cocktail is successful, it could help those with low immune systems or those who had cancer. 

Cocoa Beach Ending Mask Mandate

(Cocoa Beach, FL) -- Cocoa Beach is ending its mask mandate today. Officials say the order to wear a mask in public places where social distancing is not feasible started in July. Last week Governor Ron DeSantis banned officials from handing out fines to those who are in violation of mandatory mask wearing rules.

Mayor Wants DeSantis To Allow Local Mask Mandates

(Miami Beach, FL) -- The governor is being asked to change his position on mask mandates. Governor Ron DeSantis, last month, issued an emergency order that prevents local governments from collecting fines from those who violate mask mandates, but, in a letter sent yesterday, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber asks DeSantis to reconsider. He writes it's incomprehensible that we're debating mask mandates given the recent infections of President Trump and the First Lady. Gelber also accuses DeSantis of relying on the medical advice of unqualified professionals when drafting his order.

Schools Reopen In Miami-Dade County

(Miami, FL) -- Miami-Dade County is taking a controversial step forward in its return to normal. Some public schools will reopen today, and about 22-thousand students are expected in classrooms. The staggered return begins with Pre-K, kindergarten, first grade students and those with special needs. Some teachers have publicly opposed reopening schools, but Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said yesterday all the appropriate precautions and preventive steps have been taken.

Uber Driver Stiffed By Company After Long Trip

(Bronx, NY) -- An Uber driver is trying to get answers from the company after they refused to pay his 25-hundred dollar fare. NBC 4 is reporting the driver picked up a couple in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, who wanted to be taken all the way to Vero Beach Florida. The couple was concerned about flying during the pandemic, so they booked the ride with Uber. The driver cleared the trip with the company, but 12 hours into it, Uber told him he exceeded a 10-hour limit, and they only paid him for two hours of the long journey. The driver completed the trip, dropping the couple off in Florida. No word yet from Uber about a resolution to the matter.

Florida Man Requests Absentee Ballot For Dead Wife

(Manatee County, FL) -- One Manatee County man has been charged for allegedly requesting an absentee ballot for his dead wife. The Sheriff's office began to investigate 62-year-old Larry Wiggins after elections officials found he asked for the ballot for his wife who had passed away two years ago. Wiggins then confessed to deputies that he just wanted to "test the system." He was arrested and charged with third-degree felony voter fraud. One Supervisor of Elections says the case shows that everyone should be feel confident in the election process.


2018, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969.

2006, members of the House Ethics Committee met behind closed doors to discuss the e-mail scandal involving former Florida Congressman Mark Foley. Foley resigned a week earlier after reports surfaced that he had sent sexually explicit messages to teenage boys who were congressional pages. 

1989, former television evangelist Jim Bakker was convicted of using his show to defraud his followers of more than 158-million dollars.

1969, "Monty Python's Flying Circus" debuted on BBC Television.

1962, Dr. No the first James Bond film debuts.

1947, President Harry S. Truman became the first President to address the nation via television.

1945, "Meet the Press" premiered on radio.

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