It won’t be the government censoring media content anytime soon. It won’t have to. In today’s America censorship is driven by the WOKE crowd and those who have things they just don’t want to hear.

While we’re at it, government will self destruct where it can. California is turning its prisons over to the inmates. An appeals court has allowed Pennsylvania to reinstitute its severe public restrictions while the decision that they are unconstitutional is under review.

The president and first lady have tested positive for the coronavirus. While they’ll certainly have the best of care, how would your business handle a major exposure? We have an example from the NFL.

In our final hour today we’ll talk with Eastern Florida State College political science professor Christopher Muro. Chris will break down the 6 amendments to the Florida Constitution as we begin our look into issues and candidates leading up to the November 3rd election.


How censorship happens…and it is


In a Handbasket:

CA lets trans inmates run the prisons



Appeals court allows PA restrictions to continue

NFL has cases- how would your business handle THE RONA?

President: time to reform how we teach history



EFSC’s Christopher Muro on Amendment 3



Amendment 1-Only a Citizen

Amendment 2- $15/hour

Amendment 3- Open Primaries(Muro- just say no)

Amendment 4- Double Approval for Amendments

Amendment 5- More Time for Save Our Homes Transfer

Amendment 6- Tax Discount for Veterans’ Spouses

Next moderator has Biden ties

Why Trump looks strong for November

Omar, others accused in voter fraud scheme

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