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Launches In Limbo Amidst Bad Weather

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Mother Nature is messing with what was supposed to be a busy week on the Space Coast. Due to the weather, SpaceX postponed a launch set for yesterday morning and United Launch Alliance scrubbed a launch set for earlier this morning. Also, SpaceX announced last night it's delaying a launch set for tonight. The company hopes to launch a Falcon 9 rocket carrying military GPS satellites tomorrow. 

Biden, Trump Face Off In Anticipated Debate

(Jacksonville, FL) -- President Trump and Joe Biden are hours away from what one political expert predicts will be a brawl. Biden and Trump will have their first debate tonight in Cleveland, and News4Jax analyst Rick Mullaney expects Biden to bait Trump with the president's tax returns. Mullaney believes Trump will counter with accusations about Biden's ties to Ukraine and Trump may challenge Biden to release the names of judges he would consider for the Supreme Court. Mullaney believes this will be one of the most watched debates in history.

Suspect Met Missing Girl Through Instagram

(Apopka, FL) -- The story of an Orange County girl that went missing could serve as a warning to parents about the dangers of social media. Deputies announced yesterday that Keith Greene was arrested for allegedly kidnapping an 11-year-old Apopka girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert this weekend. Deputies recently said the two met through Instagram. She was found safe Saturday night in the Panhandle. 

Easing Of Restrictions Causing 'Turmoil' At Tampa Bay Businesses

(Clearwater, FL) -- An announcement by the governor is being blamed for causing confusion at Tampa Bay businesses. Governor Ron DeSantis last week loosened restrictions on businesses, and some residents have taken that to mean masks are no longer required but that's not the case. A Clearwater Beach restaurant owner says the governor's announcement caused turmoil. He says mask requirements have led to ugly confrontations between customers and staff, and he tells the Tampa Bay Times he's worried more similar incidents are in store. 

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Critical Of Behavior After Bars Reopen

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Fort Lauderdale's mayor is promising to address what he calls a concerning sight. After the governor announced last week that bars could reopen, bars in Fort Lauderdale were packed over the weekend, and there were few signs of social distancing. Mayor Dean Trantalis says it was like a dam had been unleashed, and he promises changes are coming. He tells CBS4 News he plans to announce restrictions meant to prevent another spike in COVID-19 cases.

23 Million Dollar Toilet Heading Into Space

(Wallops Island, VA) -- NASA is gearing up to send a 23-million-dollar toilet into space. It is set to launch almost eight-thousand-pounds worth of supplies from its Virginia flight facility on Tuesday. That includes the toilet which is about 65-percent smaller and 40-percent lighter than the one currently on the international space station. The updated waste management system is said to also better accommodate women in the zero-gravity environment.

Teacher Covered In Tattoos Fired For Scaring Children

(Paris) -- A kindergarten teacher in Paris is without a job after he was fired for his tattoos. Sylvain Helaine claims he was fired after scaring children for way he looks. He has tattoos all over his body including his eyeballs to make them appear all black. Helaine told Reuters he loves his job and that he has never had a problem with his tattoos and teaching until this school. A local education authority said he can still teach but he has to teach children six years old and above. 


1983, Congress invoked the War Powers Act for the first time when it authorized President Ronald Reagan to keep 16-hundred Marines in Lebanon.

1982, more than 200-thousand bottles of Tylenol were recalled when a California man was poisoned by a strychnine-laced capsule. 

1966, the Camaro was introduced by Chevrolet.

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