Brevard Commissioner Goes After WM

As difficult as it may be to believe, we may have discovered some ladies more passionate about voting than our Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott. We’ll open our discussion with that story.

IN A HANDBASKET we find a common tactic- framing a discussion so that opposing viewpoints are invalid. One college has come up with an argument its students can’t win.

County Commission Chair Bryan Lober is soliciting citizen complaints on Waste Management and he’s willing to use your money to pay the complainants.

On the social agenda front, Black Lives Matter support is going up in smoke- the smoke of its fires and destruction across American cities. Our schools, now with access and a perception of control in our homes, are going way beyond their authority and STUPID parents are letting them!

Supporters of President Trump have reason for confidence with the November election. Democrats with any sense are walking away from their party. A story out of Minneapolis is another indicator of problems the Democrats face. The fraud appears to be strong in this one.

President Trump and Joe Biden will debate tonight on FoxNews Channel. Will it be the mismatch we anticipate or will Biden hold his own? Will it actually sway anybody’s vote? We’ll find out tonight and talk it tomorrow on WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.


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In a Handbasket:

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Lober wants to pay for Waste Management complaints



BLM support going up in smoke of its own fires

Schoolfiltration- in your home, tossing you out of school

School wrong- parent more wrong

Bad message, school intrusion into home collide

How censorship happens…and it is

CA lets trans inmates run the prisons

Drive the company message or be fired

Delusional college students want what school can’t do

President: time to reform how we teach history



Why Trump looks strong for November

Omar, others accused in voter fraud scheme

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