The Pick is In- The Battle’s On!

Our research and reality segment will tell us that we are feeling better about the coronavirus, but can we feel good about how we’ve handled it? Not if our first story is indicative of what our governments have done.

IN A HANDBASKET a Louisville PD commander spoke about the protests in her city and was removed from command.

The president made it official Saturday evening. Amy Comey Barrett is his nominee to the Supreme Court. The attacks started before it was official and they are ridiculous. Barrett has a record and it’s one most of us will like.

Our social issues cup runneth over with censorship, BLM losing support, white privilege, school actions and unrealistic expectations of college kids.

Governor DeSantis has sent Florida into phase 3 of reopening. Elsewhere on the political front there are indications that President Trump is drawing more voters from the left side of the aisle and elections are getting an unusual push from officials in Pennsylvania.


And we think we’re free


In a Handbasket:Louisville PD commander relieved for speaking truth



How censorship happens…and it is

BLM support going up in smoke of its own fires

If you can’t list privilege it’s proof you are privileged

Schoolfiltration- in your home, tossing you out of school

Drive the company message or be fired

Bad message, school intrusion into home collide

Delusional college students want what school can’t do

President: time to reform how we teach history



It’s official: Amy Coney Barrett is the nominee

Where she’s stood so far

Newt: Will Dems go Racist, Religious Sex Fiend on nominee?

It’s already started…and if the last guy is right, nobody is ever qualified

Amy Coney Barrett



FL goes Phase 3

FL Supremes rule against parkland families



Going all the way for mail ballots

Why Trump looks strong for November

Non-republican Republicans & anti-Trumpism

Republican problems- acting like the other side

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