American Upheaval Hits Everyone

Louisville seems to be just the latest excuse. People across the country are the next riot waiting to happen and you don’t have to be involved to be a target. On top of that we have governments going nuts over the mask requirements related to the coronavirus. Media is no help and it may take blunt, direct communication and pictures to help them. A coloring book could come in handy as well.

A Louisville church offered safe haven to protesters as long as they weren’t white. A Kentucky lawmaker was arrested for rioting. Seattle and Portland are attacking cops for what happened in Louisville.

Elsewhere, Kroger is America’s biggest grocery chain. And like other corporations they are paying PC homage to the LGBT agenda. They’ve also fired employees for not doing the same. One school has again intruded into the home and kicked out a kid over the background décor in his room. This time the teacher was correct and mom and dad are in the wrong.

Moving on to college, would you send you kid to a school that promises to watch his every word and work to remove him if he doesn’t tow the PC line? Me neither, but this kid’s already gotten rich from the maligning media. He could very well end up owning his own college! In another college story students are demanding their school shut down protests in their community that have no affiliation with the school and are not on school property. See, THEY believe the schools have this kind of authority!


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