Reactionary America: Louisville Burns- Seattle Caves

We have become reactionary in today’s America and facts, or even the system working as designed, don’t seem to matter. We look at this phenomenon in today’s INSIDER email and from a different angle in our opening story showing how WOKE companies actually hurt America and themselves.

Staying with the reactionary theme, IN A HANDBASKET will take us straight to Seattle. Seattle has already traveled that highway and arrived in societal hell.

Louisville reacted and fell into turmoil after the Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement. The narrative was set and the mob would be appeased or violence would be the result.Violence they got.

One Florida sheriff is taking the media by the hand and giving them the lesson the national media should have learned a long time ago. There are protests and there are riots. There is a difference.

Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel is with us in hour 3 to talk the upcoming election, their candidate forums, amendments and more.


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