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DeSantis Seeks To Penalize Communities That Defund Police

(Winter Haven, FL) -- The governor is pushing what he calls bold legislation to protect law enforcement and communities. Governor Ron DeSantis was in Winter Haven yesterday to unveil a plan that imposes harsher penalties on violent protesters. He also wants to deny state grants or aid to communities that defund the police. The proposal will be introduced in the next legislative session, which begins in March.  

Governor's Proposal Could Hurt St. Pete

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- A new proposal by the governor could prove costly to St. Petersburg. Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday he wants lawmakers to deny state grants or aid to cities that defund police. St. Pete recently decided to use three-million dollars meant for new police officers to hire mental health experts instead. Mayor Rick Kriseman says this won't impact St. Pete because the city has increased its police budget, but a spokesperson for DeSantis tells 10 Tampa Bay reallocating significant funds that reduces law enforcement safety amounts to defunding. 

Two Shot at Melbourne Skating Rink

(Melbourne, FL) -- According to a Florida Today report a teenager and an adult were shot at Galaxy Skateway & Play Zone on Aurora Road in Melbourne early Sunday morning. Two groups at the event that hosted over 100 people were fighting when at least one unidentified assailant fired shots that struck the two victims around 1:00am.The injuries were not life threatening. Melbourne police are investigating and are reviewing security camera video. The event promoter did not have a required permit and no off-duty police were on site for security.

MPD Chief Promises Enhanced Security On Metrorail/Metromover

(Miami, FL) -- Steps are being taken to make public transportation riders feel safer in Miami-Dade County. Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina announced yesterday additional resources will be deployed throughout the city's portion of the Metrorail/Metromover system. These resources will include uniformed and undercover officers. The change is in response to two beatings this month on the transit system, including one that remains unsolved involving a victim in his 70s.

Flagler County Sheriff Warning FPL Customers About New Phone Scam

(Palm Coast, FL) -- The Flagler County Sheriff's Office is warning Florida Power and Light customers about a new phone scam threatening to disconnect service. Suspects are calling residents posing as FPL representatives telling them they have outstanding balances on their account that need to be paid or their power will be shut off. Like similar scams, the caller will only accept payment in the form of prepaid debit cards or gift cards instead of directing them to the company's website to pay.  Customers receiving the scam calls should hang up and call FPL immediately with their account number to report the incident. 

SURVEY: 40% Of People Pick Phone Over Pet

(Undated) -- Almost half of the people in a new survey are picking time with their phone over time with their pet. Online SMS marketing platform SimpleTexting, released survey data that said when given the choice, 40 percent of pet owners would choose a month with their phone instead of their pet. The same study found that 44-percent of the thousand surveyed would give up seeing their significant other for a month, instead of going a month without their smartphone. The study looked at American's willingness to give up items such as their phones, coffee, and alcohol.


2004, the FCC voted to fine 20 CBS stations more than half a million-dollars for airing Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl. The fine was appealed and eventually voided.

1976, "Charlie's Angels" debuted on ABC. 

1776, the British hanged revolutionary war officer Nathan Hale as a spy. Hale is reported to have said, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country" right before he was hanged. 

1692, eight people were hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. They were the last hangings of the Salem Witch Trials.

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