DeSantis Strong on Riots, Law & Order

TicTok and other Chinese owned social media dodged a bullet this weekend as US owned companies jumped into ownership of the suspect brands. That, however, doesn’t mean that the Chinese government isn’t still watching. A jailed NYPD cop is the example.

While Black Lives Matter as a movement and a mantra has carried the summer, are all blacks on the bandwagon? Of course they’re not.IN A HANDBASKET takes us there.

Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed legislation to allow Florida authorities to deal with protesters that turn to riotous behavior. It seems like a good move and it could have some protections for Joe Citizen as well. Sheriff Wayne Ivey and the Canaveral Port Authority have come to an agreement on cost for service at the nearly shuttered port. With no cruises sailing and no date certain when cruising will resume, the need for services by the BCSO is drastically reduced.

What’s it take to throw results of the Presidential Election into turmoil? It only takes on federal judge. This one is in Wisconsin (I know, it sounds like he’s from Tallahassee) and the results will take at least a week longer because of this decision…if it withstands appeal.

We’ve also posted a profile of two of the president’s top likely picks for the Supreme Court. It appears that the Senate has the numbers to confirm a nomination before Election Day.


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