RBG Death Brings Court Controversy

The BIG news over the weekend was the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The BIG battle looming is whether the vacancy will be filled before the end of the year (and potentially the president and senate’s terms).The NOT AS NOTICED news was that someone tried to assassinate the president via the US Mail. The envelope containing ricin was addressed to him at the White House.

We’ll begin our day with a West Melbourne bar making national news over its mask policy.

IN A HANDBASKET will take us back to Minneapolis where another “autonomous zone” is wreaking havoc and risking lives.

Then we’ll tackle the passing and replacement of a Supreme Court justice. It proves elections do have consequences. Quite possibly none of them have more impact than this. In the interim, how does the Supreme Court work with only 8 justices?

Felon voting rights were highlighted in a Florid Today story. Inaccurate reporting is not helping the issue.

We have these topics and more in play as we begin our week. Your thoughts are welcome along the way at 321-768-1240.


West Melbourne bar making national news


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Says his pick could come this week

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How does the Supreme Court work with only 8?

Assassination attempt targeted the president

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