Brevard Conversation- Police & the Public

The anti-cop movement is a sad one and some politicians just can’t help themselves but jump on the bandwagon.Detroit’s police chief had the right response.

We’re around six months into restrictions because of the coronavirus. IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see where government can’t be trusted when it comes to such things.

The nation is talking about how cops do their jobs and relate to the public.While we are fortunate with our situation in Brevard, the conversation is being had here as well.Elsewhere, the FBI says not to discount the influence of groups that would fundamentally change the country.

The president says how we are teaching history is part of the problem and an executive order about teaching history could be the answer.Honoring Indians was claimed by Edgewood Jr/Sr High with its mascot and in cutting it loose.It can’t be both ways and that conversation is ongoing as well.

The never-Trumpers are active and sometimes loud- just like former RNC Chair and non-Republican Michael Steele.Speaking of… a local Libertarian activist shows how she just doesn’t get it when it comes to the battle for the country in her editorial about voting for an “old party.”The youngster has lessons to learn.


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