Democratic Purity, Cops and the Job

What happens when lifelong Democrats decide the party’s gone too far?If they speak up they get tossed out of the party.It happened to a Tennessee legislator who took a stand on abortion.He happens to be a pastor.

IN A HANDBASKET in another sign of Democratic incompetence, the governor of Illinois says that if the feds can’t bail them out, the state faces the nightmare of a 5% budget cut.

The cries against police in varying places around the country are having impact.Minneapolis wanted to defund or disband police.Now they wonder why crime is up.Cops are leaving the jobs they love for places they are more appreciated or other careers.Who can blame them?

In Brevard news it’s county budget time and there are battles being waged, hospital groups are being extorted for their portions of federal relief money and other issues are in play.Florida Today’s Dave Berman covers county government and he’s with us in our third hour today.


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