Candidate Interview Invitations are Out

Posted to Bill is our General Election candidate interview invitation and schedule.The invitation went out by email to candidates who had a viable email listed on their campaign information.Some have not returned calls asking for a valid email.Once again we are operating under the coronavirus restrictions and interviews will be conducted by telephone.

Did you see the story of the LA County deputy and her actions after she was shot?She truly is a hero.

IN A HANDBASKET an anti-cop lesson plan is back in schools and folks are not standing for it.

We’ve seen a win for free speech at Georgia Tech and a push for real diversity on campus.Yet one college professor is under fire for anti-Trump campaigning in class.

The League of Women Votes in Florida wasn’t our schools less protected.

And…it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.Today you may bring any topic of discussion to the table that you like when you call us at 321.768.1240.So, what’s it going to be?


LA Deputy heroic in shooting


In a Handbasket: It’s back: Cops are KKK lesson reappears



A win for collegiate free speech

Academic Renewal- lose diversity statements and allow diversity



League of Women Voters wants schools less protected



He’s gonna need that lottery $

Electric fence protecting Trump sign

College prof campaigns against President in class

Republican problems- acting like the other side

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