Constitution over COVID

The question of government authority in the pandemic has yet another answer.A federal judge in Pennsylvania has reminded the state that the Constitution is not to be trifled with.The road to hell being paved as it is, the court took note of well intended efforts that are, yet, unconstitutional.

IN A HANDBASKET, we have another example of potentially good intentions being misapplied.A trigger warning for a US Flag display is just a bit much.

We’ll go back to Pennsylvania in hour two.A riot there was caused by false social media reports about a police shooting of a black man.We have got to get past reacting to social media as fact- because it’s not.We’ll also look at the activists who headed to the hospital of those LA County cops.There is also the “fake press” and its activities threatening the real press.

Andrew “Save a Horse-Ride a Cowboy” Gillum came out as bisexual in a television interview yesterday.While nobody is surprised at the revelation, will the political redemption tour bring Gillum back to viability?This guy was nearly governor.

It’s clear that in the realm of campaigning Republicans have to get better.The party is off track from the state to the local levels and candidates are largely on their own.When we act like the other side or as if the rules just don’t apply to us, we lose credibility and elections.


Shall not be infringed…court sets PA back a bit


In a Handbasket: Baylor has trigger warning for US Flag display



PA riot when cops are falsely accused

Activists storm hospital of LA Co. cops

Fake Press threatening real reporters

Academic Renewal- lose diversity statements and allow diversity



Gillum comes out as bisexual- surprised?

Republican problems- acting like the other side

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