Here is the Bill Mick LIVE General Election candidate interview schedule.

If you are with one of these campaigns or an ardent supporter, you may want to advise your candidate of this posting.Not all candidates list their contact information on their web site or on the postings available through the Supervisor of Elections Office or the Division of Elections.

Where candidate information was unavailable I went to the official government elections sites and the candidates own campaign web sites for email or telephone numbers.Believe it or not, some are not available through either.

As of this invitation date I have found no valid contact information for Jim Kennedy, candidate for congress.I have left phone messages for Joan Marie Majid (FL House D-51) and Representative Thad Altman (FL House D-52) and have not had contact from either.

Candidates, please confirm by return email or by call to my number in the email signature block.

Here are the dates and times I have set aside for the following races:

8th Congressional District- Monday, October 5th

Jim Kennedy, D- 7:40am- contact information not publicly available

Bill Posey, R- 8:40am

State Senate D17- Tuesday October 6th

Scot Fretwell, D- 7:40am

Debbie Mayfield, R- 8:40am

State Representative

D-51- Thursday, October 8th

Joan Marie Majid, D- 7:40am- has not replied to call as of invitation date

Tyler Sirois, R- 8:40am

D-52- Friday October 9th

Lloyd Dabbs, D- 7:40am

Thad Altman, R- 8:40am- has not replied to call as of invitation date

Sheriff- Monday, October 12th

Alton Edmond, D- 7:40am

Wayne Ivey, R- 8:40am

County Commission

D-1- Tuesday, October 13th

Dwight Seigler, D- 7:40am

Rita Pritchett, R- 8:40am

D-3- Thursday, October 15th

Sanjay Patel, D- 7:40am

John Tobia, R- 8:40am

D-5- Friday, October 16th

William Capote, D- 7:40am

Kristine Isnardi, R- 8:40am

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