Sports, Spectacles & Spouting Off

The NFL season opened this weekend (as did the conferences playing college football) and while we have clamored for our sports since the onset of THE RONA, we didn’t get exactly what we wanted.We wanted sports.We got a lecture.We didn’t like that.

If you are rabidly anything, why would you want to be in the midst of the opposing camp?I can think of only one reason and we explore it IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42.

Bill Maher is at it again- talking sense to his own side and that side can’t seem to listen.Not only can it not listen, apparently it doesn’t want its presumed advocates to even see the other side at work.

The 11th Circuit in Atlanta dealt a blow to the Amendment 4 crowd on Friday.Those felons they want back on the voter rolls can end up there, but they are going to have to finish their sentences first and that includes paying fines, fees, costs and restitution or working out the allowable alternatives.

If you were a kid of the 60’s or 70’s you’ll remember shoppers running through the aisles to get to the K-Mart Blue Light Special.While that is a long gone memory of days past, there is a new Blue Light Special coming to Brevard.

One has to wonder if there is a leak in Scott Ellis’ inner circle.Last week Chairman Mau-er-Lober suggested declaring “special needs’ for the BCSO budget should Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis decide to withhold any portion of the budget from the sheriff.Low and behold, Ellis has announced plans to do just that.

With the Edgewood Jr/Sr High mascot name change in the discussion one school board member has decided the brakes need to be applied saying there is no policy for how to make the change.

There is the planned start to our talk week.What have you got to say?


The NFL begins

We wanted sports- we got a lecture


In a Handbasket:Going where you don’t want to be…what’s your motive?



Maher- calling out the media

Cancel Culture- don’t even watch the other side

Fake Press threatening real reporters

Activists storm hospital of LA Co. cops



Felons must pay up or not vote

A different kind of Blue Light Special

Ellis to withhold $850k from BCSO budget

Susin: Stop Edgewood mascot change

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