It’s Education Friday on BML

If you want to think about jobs and the election consider what life would be like under Democratic rule.San Francisco gives us one example.

With education as a focus of much of today’s show, IN A HANDBASKET takes us “Back to the Future.”

In other education news:

·that George Washington black culture professor who wasn’t black- but claimed so- resigned

·apparently if you teach a foreign language and a word sounds like a slur in English you can’t say it

·if it’s your home school day and you decide you’re going to class you could land in jail

·Brevard is missing some 1600 student laptops

·BPS and the BFT will have competing coronavirus dashboards as they continue contract negotiations

·Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran raises old issues with BPS

In Volusia County a traffic stop of a black man went counter to the national narrative and drew national attention, but not from the mainstream.

Beginning Monday bars statewide will be allowed to reopen with certain RONA restrictions.

Let’s get you through Friday first…


Living (?) Under Democrat Rule


In a Handbasket:UM-Dearborn goes “Back to the Future”



White prof who appropriated blackness resigns

Now you must know and understand EVERY language on Earth!

NY- where going to school gets you arrested

Volusia traffic stop of black suspect counters national narrative



FL bars to reopen Monday

BPS missing 1600 student laptops

BFT/BPS to have competing RONA dashboards

Contract talks under way…MORE money?

“Daddy Corcoran” Scolds Brevard for KJ issues

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