Learning the DEFUND THE POLICE Lesson

While “Defund the Police” is a popular protest and riot slogan, cities that bought in are finding it as stupid as it sounds.

Also as stupid as it sounds is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.Their latest criteria for BEST PICTURE awards will replace quality with quotas.The WOKE crowd in Hollywood may be gaga over this, but the thinkers have a different take.Hollywood is IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42.

The coronavirus has certainly changed things for many of us.It’s changed a lot for some folks- like the authorities in Spain who decided a surfer, alone on her board in the ocean, was somehow a danger for spreading THE RONA. It’s fun to see non-protesters turn the rules for protests back on the cities that allow them, but little else. The White House Press Secretary actually did this with the media in a press briefing.

Brevard Schools and the teachers’ union will have competing coronavirus dashboards.Look for this to be added drama to the contract talks and the battle over whether it’s safe for teachers to work in THE RONA.

The County Commission has approved pay hikes for staff and Chairman Mao (or is that Lober?) wants to again declare “critical need” for the sheriff’s budget to protect it from Scott Ellis’ appeal of the budget base ruling.

Our final hour of the day brings Florida Today’s Tim Walters to the discussion.Tim has taken on new responsibilities and is working on a question we all have- when will the mask wearing stop?


Learning the DEFUND THE POLICE lesson


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